Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What an shame!

I thought I could do it. 99 wins 1 loss. I was so close too! Now I have 2 losses. Why? Becuz if you look I set my TP ( take profit) -7 pips. I had a few usd/jpy possions open and i was being careless. Not a good thing! But still It was another good trade that I fudged up by being careless. Note* It would have been a postive trade if I didn't set the TP at -7 ! My postion was short on usd/jpy , I set the TP at 95.44 and now the pair is 95.05. SO it was a good trade and would have hit my normal TP of +2 if I wouldnt have been careless. But live and learn. maybe i can do the next hundred trades without a loss! Just maybe!

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